Impregnation Set

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This impregnation kit we have put together already contains everything you need for a simple and preventive care and cleaning of your shoes. The shoe is first cleaned with the dirt brush and the 125ml shoe cleaner. Afterwards, our 180ml impregnation promises protection against moisture and dirt. The Silifix by SIEGOLŪ is additionally designed for the seams of the shoes in order to additionally densify them and to provide protection against moisture. In addition, the set contains a care cloth for further cleaning.

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With this set you save about 18 %, compared to the single purchase of the products.

Shoe Cloth: This square shoe cloth is ideal for the incorporation of shoe creams or wax into your leather shoes. If you do not have a polishing brush at hand, you can also use this cloth for polish.

Shoe Cleaner 125ml: The SIEGOLŪ shoe cleaner is perfect for stubborn dirt, as well as salt edges. Thanks to the environmentally friendly composition of natural emulsifiers and a little coconut oil flavor, the shoe cleaner gives the shoe a pleasant scent afterwards. At the same time, it has a disinfecting effect and removes sweat and unpleasant odors inside the shoe. With a sponge, the cleaner is best incorporated. Then the shoes should be stuffed with paper to dry. Then shoe trees are suitable, which prevent the shoe from pulling together due to drying and losing its shape.

Silifix 125ml: So that you and your footwear are always protected against all weather influences, SIEGOLŪ developed a seam care, which at the same time also compresses the seams of the shoes. The SIEGOLŪ Silifix prevents the ingress of liquids into the shoe bed, which increases the life of the shoes. Ideal for heavily used footwear such as work or hiking boots.

Impregnation 180ml: The SIEGOLŪ impregnation promises a very rapid application of impregnation, in that the liquid can be sprayed directly onto the product to be treated by means of a mounted pumping device. The impregnation does not produce a shine. It seals the leather and protects against external influences such as dirt or moisture. We recommend repeating the impregnation every two weeks to ensure adequate protection of your shoes. The product is free of toxic substances and is biodegradable.

Dirt brush: The sturdy coconut fiber bristles of the SIEGOLŪ dirt brush are very well suited for helping heavily soiled shoes to regain their former shine. With the front bevelled wooden tip of the brush body can additionally scrape dried-up dirt. It was paid to a particularly sustainable production.

SIEGOLŪ The quality product from the famous Swiss manufactory in Herzogenbuchsee. The product range has got a new name and a new logo.
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This product consists of

Shoe Cleaner 125ml

1 x Shoe Cleaner 125ml

14,90 € *
11,92 € per 100 ml
Polishing Cloth

1 x Polishing Cloth

3,90 € *
Dirt Brush

1 x Dirt Brush

9,99 € *
Impregnation Spray

1 x Impregnation Spray

14,90 € *
8,28 € per 100 ml
Silifix Stitching Impregnation

1 x Silifix Stitching Impregnation

15,90 € *
12,72 € per 100 ml