Premium Shoe Polish Set cognac

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With this set you save about 20 %, compared to the single purchase of the products.

This premium shoe care set is the ideal solution for a comprehensive and gentle care of your leather shoes. The set is matched to cognac-colored leather shoes and it includes a pomade, wax, sole edge color, shoe cleaner, leather soles, four different bristles and a polishing cloth.

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With this set you save about 20 %, compared to the single purchase of the products.

Shoe Cloth: This square shoe cloth is ideal for the incorporation of shoe creams or wax into your leather shoes. If you do not have a polishing brush at hand, you can also use this cloth for polish.

Premium shoe pomade cognac: Say goodbye to faded leather, because with the SIEGOLŪ Premium shoe pomade you revive your footwear. The application of the pomade is simple and yet very effective. The natural mixed emulsion refreshes the colors of the leather deeply acting and at the same time forms a protective layer. After the pomade has retracted for a few minutes, the leather can be effectively polished with one of our polishing brushes, giving the shoes a matte shimmering shine.

Palm wax shoe cream medium brown: SIEGOLŪ palm wax is made from pure vegetable waxes and contains Juchte. Particularly important is the hard wax of Carnaubapalme. It gives the cream both the protective and impregnating effect, as well as the long-lasting shine. By the natural color pigments an extreme color depth is achieved and leads to a wonderful high gloss.

Horsehair brush light: The noble SIEGOLŪ brush with brush body made of local beech impresses with hand-pulled horsehair. Hair loss is prevented by completely dispensing with glue during processing. The horsehairs are always undyed, only then are the best conditions for the desired shine that you will conjure up on your fine leather shoes with this gloss brush.

Frame color dark brown: Refreshes the colors in places that are the most used in the everyday use of the shoes, the soles and the heel. The sole edge color prevents the popping off of paint.

Anstreicherli Tiegel light: Due to the special application area made of horsehair, SIEGOLŪ simplifies the even application of shoe cream. Even difficult to reach areas of the leather can thus be processed, since the horsehair can penetrate into the wells. This is often an advantage over a cotton cloth. Due to the ergonomic wooden handle a guide of the crucible is very easy and pleasant. In addition, a job seal prevents the drying of shoe cream, as it contributes to a uniform consumption. The soft horsehair can absorb enough shoe cream and then gently applied to the leather.

Leather Sole Oil 125ml: The lifespan of a leather sole is highly dependent on the daily hardships that it has to go through. These include various weather conditions, as well as dirt, sharp objects and stones. For this reason, you should not only pay attention to the leather of the shoe surface, but also the sole itself. The SIEGOLŪ leather sole oil helps outstanding, because with its natural oils and fats the leather sole nutrients are supplied, which promises a longer life. The leather sole oil should not be used on bonded soles, otherwise there is a risk that the adhesive dissolves.

Shoe Cleaner 125ml: The SIEGOLŪ shoe cleaner is perfect for stubborn dirt, as well as salt edges. Thanks to the environmentally friendly composition of natural emulsifiers and a little coconut oil flavor, the shoe cleaner gives the shoe a pleasant scent afterwards. At the same time, it has a disinfecting effect and removes sweat and unpleasant odors inside the shoe. With a sponge, the cleaner is best incorporated. Then the shoes should be stuffed with paper to dry. Then shoe trees are suitable, which prevent the shoe from pulling together due to drying and losing its shape.

Frame Brush light: This SIEGOLŪ horsehair frame brush has been specially designed to clean and care for the edge of welted leather shoes. This edge and the narrow cracks located there can often not be reached with conventional brushes or cloths, which is why SIEGOLŪ has specially developed this brush for this purpose. Made of horsehair, this brush is characterized by an excellent quality.

Super polishing brush light: To achieve the coveted radiant shine of your fine leather shoes, we recommend the SIEGOLŪ Polishing Brush made of horsehair. The 30mm long, dense bristles generate heat during the polishing process, which softens the wax of the shoe cream. The softened wax can then penetrate better into the pores of the leather. The denser and softer the polishing brush, the nobler the shine achieved. In addition, the brush body consists of ergonomically shaped, native wood, which allows easy guidance.

SIEGOLŪ The quality product from the famous Swiss manufactory in Herzogenbuchsee. The product range has got a new name and a new logo.
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This product consists of

Shoe Cleaner 125ml

1 x Shoe Cleaner 125ml

14,90 € *
11,92 € per 100 ml
Leather Sole Oil 125ml

1 x Leather Sole Oil 125ml

14,90 € *
11,92 € per 100 ml
Polishing Cloth

1 x Polishing Cloth

3,90 € *
Frame Brush Horsehair

1 x Frame Brush Horsehair

7,50 € *
Gloss Brush Horsehair

1 x Gloss Brush Horsehair

19,50 € *
Premium Shoe Pomade

1 x Premium Shoe Pomade

12,90 € *
12,90 € per 100 ml
Palm Wax Shoe Polish

1 x Palm Wax Shoe Polish

12,90 € *
12,90 € per 100 ml